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Siam Reiki 1 course - 29 Oct to 30 Oct 2016 ~ Siam Reiki 2 course - 31 Oct to 1 Nov 2106 ~ DPA (Deep Psychic Meditation) – 3 Nov to 9 Nov ~ Pendulum course – 3 Nov to 4 Nov ~ Crystals course – 5 Nov to 6 Nov ~ Accredited by the “INSTITUTE OF HOLISTIC HEALTH SCIENCE’’

Reiki+Yoga is a boutique studio space in Downtown Singapore. I offer a personalized and holistic path to wellness. Come and join my welcoming, intimate studio which invites you to start from wherever you are and empowers and educates you to have a balanced mind, body and spirit.

I offer: Siam Reiki treatments and training, private and group yoga classes, tailor-made health coaching and cooking workshops.

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Do you have a health or happiness problem you are trying to solve? Maybe you suffer from chronic pain or anxiety? You might have an aging parent or a hyperactive or anxious child? Reiki practice can help in a wide range of situations because it helps restore balance so you feel better and your system can shift gears from coping to profound self healing. That’s where I start, by helping you feel better.


Do you have stiff hamstrings, locked up hips or a painful lower back? You don't need to be flexible or doing fancy poses in my class; here we start from wherever you are ... Come with an open mind, your body will follow.


Do you want to lose weight naturally, increase your energy, sleep better, boost your metabolism and reduce inflammation? Do you want to learn how to cook healthy meals? Come and learn how to move away from fad diets towards a whole foods program based on eating only real food.

  • Sandra Brunn, Germany

    Maria is born for working with Reiki, you can tell her connection to the universe, it’s amazing. She has the most personal and nice way to work with you and you can always feel all she wants is to help and support you. It’s the same way with Yoga. She is calm and pays attention to you. I am very thankful I met her!!!

  • Asli Aker, Turkey

    Maria is one of those rare individuals who genuinely pours intelligence, intuition and compassion into what she does. I am ever so grateful for her patience and care. My physical limitations were challenged in a very effective yet kind way through her guidance. Yoga became a pleasure that helped my body immensely. Combined with her healing practices I felt better than ever. I feel very lucky for the day Maria came to my life.

  • Ayumi Ishii, Japan

    Maria is a truly professional instructor for yoga and nutrition. She has various ways to effectively approach the core of your body and mind. Her yoga classes not only improved my body conditions but also healed my mind. Her nutrition tutorial has given me great tips to stay healthy and powerful. I really appreciate her sharing her precious experiences and knowledge with us.

  • Raffaella Tarassi, Italy

    I started practicing yoga with Maria one year ago; before I tried it with other teachers but I always felt uncomfortable because either they were too pushy or too spiritual. Maria’s approach is gentle but effective, she takes time to correct me and each class is tailored to my need. I noticed improvements in the tone of my muscle and in my posture, I actually can tell that my body feels if I don’t practice for a while. I also tried reiki with her; before starting I was extremely skeptical but reiki treatments were fundamental in the healing process after a miscarriage.